First off let me tell you about my, keep it simple, straight forward, fee policy. I believe in having ONE price for a session. What does that mean? That means the price you see doesn't have any "hidden" or "other" costs. There is no additional minimum portrait purchase!

What you get:

- ALL images that I edit, you get! (now this doesn't mean you get all images taken, but that's because sometimes I take a shot that you just plain don't want, trust me, blinking, awkward facial expressions/poses, someone talking, those you don't get - everything else, YES!)

- My session and editing time and images delivered via online gallery.

- HIGH resolution images, no images delivered in a smaller format with you having to purchase the higher resolution versions later, they are yours in high quality from day one.

- Printing rights - that's right, while you are welcome and encouraged to print through me for a quality guarantee (I use a pro lab that has a quality that you can see and feel in your prints), but you do have the right to print on your own. I cannot guarantee the quality of the images that you print at outside labs, but you are welcome to print anywhere (though I do recommend


SO, how much?

- Family/Individual/Couple sessions: $350 - everything above is included. These sessions are generally about 40-70 minutes in length. They can be held at a location of your choosing, from in your home for a fun lifestyle feel, to out in a field, to downtown, to in my home, where I set up a studio for your session.

- Newborn Sessions - $450 -  everything above is included. These sessions are generally longer in time, lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours.  We go on baby time, so if baby needs a break, we take it! They can be held at your home for a lifestyle feel or at my home, where I will set up a studio with backdrops meant for baby & family. This session always includes photographs with siblings and parents in the listed price.

- Delivery Photographs - $500 -  everything above is included. These are photographs that are tastefully done of you having your baby. We coordinate on my arrival time based on when you go into labor.

- Fresh 48 - $250 -  everything above is included. These sessions are at the hospital and are ideal for those that don't want the delivery room photographs, but want to remember that special time right after their baby has arrived. If you have hired me for your families newborn photos as well, this session rate is brought down to $150!

- Senior Sessions - $450 - everything above is included. These sessions are generally about 2 hours in time and don't have an outfit or location limit. I love to coordinate with seniors about their favorite things and make their session unique to them.

- Headshots - $150 -  everything above is included. These sessions are typically 15-20 minutes and they can be done with a formal backdrop or in a unique environment that speaks to your unique needs. Call or email for rates for larger groups, I am always happy to work with large groups, including coming to your office, whether you are local or not.

- Event Photography - $275 an hour -  everything above is included. I love being a part of your special events, whether this is a birthday, a charity, a corporate event, or a graduation party, this is what you are looking for. I'm happy to help cover the needs of your special event.

- WEDDING Photography - packages starting at $2,000.